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Rosalie Levi

My business has quadrupled.” – Rosalie Levi

Are you READY to:
  • SHINE your brilliant gifts & OWN YOUR MAGNIFICENCE.
  • ATTRACT the steady stream of clients that are right for you.
  • Make the IMPACT you were meant to.
  • End the feast-or-famine cycle &
  • MAKE MONEY doing what you love…

Look no further.

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Dr. Sazini Nzula

“I now have a business that makes money.

I charge more and I am comfortable doing it.” – Dr. Sazini Nzula

Love & Praise

Erica Diamond

“Sarena is a firecracker. A dynamic, smart and capable businesswoman. Hearing Sarena speak is literally a breath of fresh air. I have had the pleasure of dealing with her on numerous occasions and she is a pro.

Whatever Sarena touches turns to success and I would recommend her work any day.” – Erica Diamond

Founder HADRY

Founder and Editor-In-Chief,

FORBES Magazine’s Top 100 Sites for Women,
FORBES Top 20 Women in Canada,
FORBES Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Women In Business on Twitter,
Forbes top 30 under 30
Huffpost & OWN contributor.

Velcia Scott

“When I auditioned to be part of Sarena’s program in the spring 2016 it caused conflict between myself and my partner as we had invested over 40,000 dollars in training…that we were A) still paying off and B) I had not seen much of a return on my investment years later. I felt frustrated and disillusioned because I knew I had the education, the technical know-how, desire and drive but I was going nowhere and I couldn’t in all honesty quite put my finger on what was preventing me from succeeding.

The process was a much needed discovery the evolution that accrued in those 6 months was transformational.

My income literally jumped from $1, 500 a month to $ 9, 000 a month by the end of 6 months.

Clients are now contacting and seeking me out and the funny thing is at the moment I don’t even have business cards or a website yet.

Thank you Sarena. I have never asked for much from others but have always given. For the first time someone has given me more than I could have dreamed possible.

Words alone will never be enough to convey the depth of my gratitude…. And so I guess fairies don’t only hover above the earth, fly and flitter, but are real and walk the earth casting their magic on all those willing to believe. In our hearts we all need to believe in fairytales. You are truly a beautiful spirit.

Much love and gratitude” – Velcia Annell Scott

Velcia Annell Scott

Rosalie Levi

“I was referred to Sarena by a friend…who had wonderful things to say, it transformed things for her. I decided to invest in myself and my business.

It more than paid for itself…

My business has quadrupled.

I approach my business differently and speak to my clients differently. I promote myself differently…I have acquired new vocabulary and methods of communication.” – Rosalie Levi

Heather Boyd

Motivated by Sarena’s example and with the help of her programs,

I have successfully transformed from a starving artist to a successful business woman.

– Heather Boyd

Dahna Weber

“Sarena is brilliant, encouraging, fun and authentic. She connects with YOU and YOUR business.

Being a person who likes to get things done and move at supersonic speed I thought I would share these business stats since working with Sarena. She is skyrocketing.

  1. Efficiency Improvements: Client acquisition time reduced by 40%
  2. Pricing increased by up to 30%
  3. New niche service offer that is a trifecta win: I save time, I make money and it’s great for my clients.
  4. Implemented 3 new work-process systems.
  5. Installed new invoicing system that has improved collections, cash flow and reduced stress.
  6. Shift in money mindset and attitude.
  7. A maturity, appreciation and pride of the business and vision of its future.
  8. Golden rules/policies on who I work with, the work I want to do, where I work and when I work (work life boundaries).
  9. An open mind to possibilities and potential and an inner calmness.
  10. A reframing from fact base offers to value based offers.
You can’t afford to NOT work with Sarena. She’s the one.

– Dahna Weber

Wanda malfara

“When I started working with Sarena, I was all over the place, doing some of the work I liked, but mostly whatever jobs would help sustain my income.

I had clients, but it felt like a constant struggle to attract them. I felt I was working all the time, spending SO much time and energy … but still not making nearly enough money at the end of the day.

Working with Sarena has brought a completely new perspective to my creative business.

Through her exercises, questions, and expert guidance, Sarena helped me discover what makes me and my work unique.

We honed in my niche, my brand and my marketing angle, then created a plan that made sense.

I can already see a huge shift in the way I am perceived and the results that are following.

I was able to increase my prices, and I will be doing that again, soon. (which means I will be able to work less and earn more, spending more time with my family.)

She has dropped real gold nuggets in my lap like catchy phrases that are bang-on with my branding.

I am getting more calls and booking has become easier.

I get so excited and fired up – and I know EXACTLY what I need to do next!

I continue to work with Sarena for her creativity, wisdom, encouragement and focus. Sarena is sweet but refreshingly “down-to business”. I am not kidding when I say Sarena is gifted at seeing the potential and direction a creative business needs to take.” – Wanda Malfara
Award-winning Photographer

Dagmar Daghofer

Sarena’s work ethics, warmth and business moxie is unsurpassable.

– Dagmar Daghofer

Travel Designer and Consultant

Nathalie mailhot

She knew just exactly what work needed to be done to find success.

All the parts seem to fall into place. Sarena Miller has a talent in helping people like me (heart based entrepreneurs) tap into what they REALLY want to say, feel and do. The words came out of my mouth and she translated them to ‘sales’ language. It is an art form, a gift. It is innate.

She helped me have multiple AHA moments! Sarena creates a learning environment for her clients and (gently) pushes them out of their comfort zone only to find successes and new limits.

I feel more grounded, organized and purposeful.

Her energy is contagious and her knowledge is one-of-a-kind.

I can’t thank you enough…” – Nathalie Mailhot

Master your authentic voice

The insight she gave me on my business and on myself, helped me find my voice & my style to better serve my clients.

I am forever grateful for all of her work, and look forward to work with her again and again.”
– Lori Krikorian

Suzannah Baum

“Whenever I came to Sarena with a variety of marketing or branding plans, Sarena would always be able to cut through the clutter, focus my efforts on the top priorities, and point me in the right direction. She was able to see what would work from a clear business perspective and help me define my goals as well as the tactical execution – but with Sarena, there was always with a very unique creative spin that ultimately resulted in the best results for my business, marketing and branding goals.

When she combined her creative, business and artistic skills together for the creation of material for one of my online products, absolute magic happened.

She’s gifted at what she does, and I feel fortunate to have found someone with such business intuition, insight and out-of-the-box thinking. Sarena has been a very trusted adviser to me for more than 5 years, and will continue to be an integral part of my business team for years to come.” – Suzannah Baum
Public Speaking trainer & coach
Huffpost & OWN contributor.

Julie Anne Christoph

THE game changer in my business and life.

“I wanted to launch my coaching program that I had created 2 years prior but never officially “put out there”.

She brought accountability to my intention and plan. It allowed me to drill down my ideas to the very first step – and move up from there very intentionally.

Sarena’s expertise helped me see that I could not only launch my program in a way that aligns with who I truly am, but that I was spending a lot of energy focusing on things that did not benefit me or my business!

I am so grateful for having enrolled!” – Julie Anne Christoph

Barbara Minorgan

“Sarena…all the words in the dictionary cannot cover how I feel about her and her work ethic.”

More than just great ideas – she has follow through and fulfilled on each and every promise she made to me.

While keeping in mind who I was and working together we produced the best possible image and product. She keeps you focused so you do not lose sight of your goal.

I cannot recommend her enough, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

– Barbara Minorgan

Author, speaker, coach.

Annika Diehl

One of the best decisions I have ever made.

“I think the important thing to note is not how I feel or what I think it has done for me. It’s the comments I get from others which have confirmed how it has changed me! It is noticeable in the work I do and how I communicate with people. I have much more direction and clarity now!” – Annika Diehl

Liliana DeLeo

“Sarena’s knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. She helped me feel comfortable with the uncomfortable, and not get stuck with the routine of my business…

My business would not be where it is today without Sarena’s program.

I highly recommend to any entrepreneur who wants to build a successful business with real professional support. What you have the potential to learn with Sarena’s program is equivalent to any university business program, except with more hands-on practice, accountability and support.
Sarena Miller is the real deal!! Thank you. I am forever grateful you were always there to give me the kick in the pants I needed.” – Liliana DeLeo

Joanne Giacomini

“Sarena helped me formulate just what kind of business I could create.

Through her expert guidance, I saw the next steps I needed to take, and my confidence in myself went up a notch to boot!

She has honest, sound advice…She is someone you want in your corner!”
– Joanne Giacomini

“Sarena really helped me understand better where I wanted to go and aim my marketing efforts. It was truly eye opening and extremely helpful in a very concrete way.

I encourage anyone, who is serious about their business, to get in touch with you because it will accelerate their way to success as it does me.

– Pierre Benoit, CHt, RCCH, CT.NLP

Registered Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist

Galit Lazar

“Working with Sarena is working with a friend and a trusted adviser. You get more than what you paid for. Very warm, funny, and authentic, Sarena has a lot of wisdom and experience in business and I learned powerful techniques and tools to move forward with my business.

Working with Sarena is a unique experience. I highly recommend you hire Sarena you will never regret it, you are in good hands!” – Galit Lazar

Carrie Katz

…the best decision I’ve made this year.

I had been struggling with how to up-level what I do and the way I do it, hiring consultants, writers, branding specialists, without having a clear idea of what was not feeling right.

I can already see so much progress in my thinking, my message, and how I want to be and what I offer the world.

If you are truly ready to take the plunge, and be bold in this world, become your best version of yourself for your business I highly recommend this program.” – Carrie Katz

Carrie Katz

Dr Sazini Nzula

I now have a real business where I actually make money

I really learned the true value of what I provide, that my services are worth far more. I charge more and I am comfortable doing it.” – Dr Sazini Nzula
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